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All Shared Rides are only $61.20!

Fare Breakdown: $50 Per Seat + $1 Booking Fee + 20% Gratuity for the Driver.

All Shared Rides are only $50 icon

All Shared Rides are only

This includes all taxes and fees.
It does not include any Gratuity for the Driver.

Our Rates are Consistent

With such a low rate, why wait?

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When You Land at the SLC Airport

Luggage - Gather Your Bags!

Gather Your Bags

Once you land please proceed to Baggage Claim and gather ALL of your bags. If you only have Carry On Bags, please proceed to the next step.

Phone - Call Us!

Call Us

Once you have ALL of your bags please call our Dispatch Team at 435-200-9345 and provide them with your name and confirmation number. If we don’t hear from you a member of our Team may reach out to you as well.

Steering Wheel - You're On Your Way!

On Your Way

Once you’ve contacted our Dispatch Team they will inform you where to meet your Van and the time that it will load. Remember to be at that location at least 5 minutes prior to that time, as our Vans can only wait a few minutes.

Remember: Our vans can only wait about five minutes, and depart once per hour. So if you are delayed, it may cause you to have to catch the next van.